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Always Hungry Club

Made up of the best Melbourne influencers, the ultimate foodies you want eating at your venue! Our database has grown to over 3,000 Influencers, whose accounts focus on anything from fashion & travel to beauty and of course, the love of food!


The AHC are a select group we send out to eat & blog their way through the  best venues in Melbourne. Contact us on Instagram today to get this crew blogging in the best way possible about your business.

Food Photos

Work with Us


Level Up
To join forces with us, start by leveling up as an influencer with an engaged following. We're on the lookout for influencers who can connect with their audience and match our vibe!


Slide into Our DMs
Ready to team up? Shoot us a DM on Instagram @thesocialgame_! Tell us all about yourself, your followers, and any epic collabs you've done. Let's start this adventure together!


Game On
When the time is right, we'll reach out for collabs. Whether it's showcasing cafes or other cool spots, we'll guide you through everything. Get ready to level up your content game and create something awesome!

*Not all applications will be accepted.

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