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Social Media

Welcome to our Social Media Academy! Whether you’re a seasoned content creator, a small business owner looking to boost your online presence or a social media manager aiming to stay ahead of the curve, we created these courses with you all in mind.


Our Social Media course will help you master the art of crafting compelling campaigns and effectively engaging your audience. Explore our Copywriting course to hone your skills in creative writing and click-worthy copy that drives conversions. Or enroll in our Graphic Design Course to unleash your creativity and learn how to create design stunning posts that capture attention. Each course can be taken on its own at your own pace, or take all 3 to boost your skills across all things social.

Our Courses


Copy Writing for Socials
Master persuasive copywriting and craft engaging social media content that captivates your audience. Learn effective calls to action, storytelling techniques, and platform-specific styles.

Increase engagement

Boost conversion rates

Build a loyal audience


Winning Tactics for Socials
Level up your social media strategy with proven tactics in engagement, analytics, and promotions. Grow your following organically and optimize your social media ROI.

Achieve measurable results

Increase brand visibility

Improve audience engagement


Graphic Design for Socials
Transform your brand’s visual identity with advanced design techniques. Create stunning graphics, optimise your Instagram profile, and design compelling stories and posts.

Elevate your brand

Save time and costs

Gain design confidence


Meet Your Instructors

Absolutely transformative! The Social Game has revolutionised our approach to online marketing. We've seen a significant increase in engagement and follower growth across all platforms. Their expert insights and practical tips are invaluable. Highly recommend!

Jessica M

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